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Dedicated To Reducing Crop And Food Waste In UK Agriculture

The Eastern Agri-Tech Innovation Hub is a purpose-built business incubator facility in the heart of Cambridgeshire. We welcome innovative teams or individuals engaging in applied research work to reduce or re-use all forms of waste in the food supply chain and improve resource use efficiency in its production.

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Research and trial activity includes:

  • Waste reduction - healthy soils, crop production, field, and post-harvest storage

  • Waste management - packing, processing, and alternative uses and markets

  • Increase value or application potential for new products from waste streams

  • Identifying opportunities to recycle waste or generate energy and co-products

  • Target total and marketable field losses, due to weather, pests, diseases, or other damage

  • Reduce loss of quality or specification in-store due to crop physiology, disease or storage conditions 

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