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If you're looking for somewhere to get your agritech business started, or do some research, the Eastern Agri-Tech Innovation Hub is for you. 

The Hub is an incubator research centre dedicated to reducing crop and food waste or channeling waste into higher grade end products. The Hub is equipped to run as a field/test station where NIAB can work with local and national businesses to carry out commercial-scale pilot studies and research. The ultimate aim is to improve the resource use efficiency in the horticultural and fresh produce supply chains. 

Situated just outside Cambridge, and managed by NIAB, we can offer you access to an office work space, boardroom or laboratory. Alternatively, why not become a virtual hub member? 

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  • Main building: reception, board room, hot-desk office, meeting rooms, kitchen, shower facilities, fully equipped laboratory, main work room with heating, work benches and fume cupboards

  • Outbuilding with three sub compartments currently being used by our Hub licensees 

  • Warehouse for research and pilot testing with water and power

  • Field lab

  • Two large polytunnels with hydroponic growing systems; deep water and ebb & flow

  • Outside growing areas

  • Two small research glasshouses with benching and frost-free heating

  • Tractor shed

  • Parking 

  • A 33KW solar farm feeding back into the facility and back to the grid when over capacity

  • A 10KW ground source heat pump working with solar thermal panels

  • An aerobic PRM bio digester which breaks down organic material into a highly efficient fertiliser or fuel for a bio boiler

  • A bio disc; a small scale sewage treatment plant

  • Air source heat pumps to heat and cool the polytunnel

  • Two rainwater harvesting systems

Become a licensee at the Hub 

  • Enter into a license agreement with NIAB at a competitive rate, ranging from 3 months to a year

  • Stage events to showcase innovations or meet potential partners/customers

  • Lease shared office space

  • Hire meeting rooms

  • Work with us in collaborative bids for research or innovation funding

  • Seek bespoke training or join regular training events with ARTIS

  • Discuss field or trials in horticulture, agriculture and ornamentals with us

  • Enquire about apprenticeships either with NIAB or our partners

  • Farmer and industry connections

Join the Innovation Hub Club 

  • Suitable for those who do not need to rent a space at the Hub as a licensee but who are interested in joining the community 

  • From £300 +VAT/year (membership requires approval)

Benefits Include:

  • Full access to our Hub administrator to help you arrange meetings with farmers and other business people

  • Free use of the board meeting room for up to six farmer industry meetings per year of three participants or more (subject to availability and booking required)

  • Part of the Hub Community

  • We can work with you to identify potential customers and contacts within the industry

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