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Innovation Agri-Tech Group

We operate one of the largest vertical farms in the UK.

Innovation Agri-Tech Group

Innovation Agri-tech Group is a pioneering farming technology company. A British agricultural technology company providing cutting-edge solutions to the traditional challenges of farming. IAG owns and operates one of the largest indoor vertical farms in the UK, as well as offering a variety of patented products and expert services to help other companies profit from a more scientific approach to farming, providing optimal conditions for healthy crops to grow and flourish.

We offer bespoke, full-service solutions for those who are keen to invest in the indoor farming space but don't have the time for management or maintenance. Our end-to-end service allows you to sit back and reap the benefits of this thriving industry, while we take care of the rest. When you step inside the IAG facility in Berkshire, you will be able to experience our unique, modular, aeroponic vertical farming technology. We have 10,000sq feet of scalable, food secure, indoor farming space which allows us to grow commercially in a controlled environment.

We offer a proven solution to enhance crop productivity and yield, alongside R & D trial space. IAG promote Vertical Farming as an additional solution to the current challenges facing our British agriculture industry in 2021 and beyond. These industry challenges can only be countered by collaboration with memberships like NIAB, The Innovation Hub, and the team.

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