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AgriGrub is pioneering a sustainable solution to food waste in the UK using a remarkable insect called the Black Soldier Fly.

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A revolution in environmentally friendly bio-adhesives.

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Sonobioprocessing, biotransformation and chemistry for renewable chemicals, biofuels, and pharmaceuticals.

Fenland SOIL

Fenland SOIL is a not-for-profit members organisation that has been established to research, inform, and develop ‘whole farm’ land use policy, with a primary goal of achieving climate change mitigation and biodiversity enhancement in the Fens.


The world's first food waste to feed bio conversion network. To create a sustainable virtuous cycle that transforms food waste into super nutritious feed and fertiliser.

Teysha Technologies

Teysha Technologies are a biopolymer specialist established to solve the problems surrounding the production and use of plastics.

Other NIAB agritech SME Interaction

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