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Teysha Technologies

Teysha Technologies are a biopolymer specialist established to solve the problems surrounding the production and use of plastics.

Teysha Technologies

Teysha Technologies have developed a patented technology where modified natural monomers, co-monomers and additives can combine to produce versatile, tunable materials comparable to traditional plastic over a wide range of applications, but with none of the environmental impacts. Our technology platform uses various natural components, so the strength, thermal stability and degradation rates can all be controlled according to end-use requirements.

In partnership with Texas A&M University, Teysha have developed novel second generation bioplastics based on sugar polycarbonates. Now, Teysha is extending its commercial operations to the UK where they are working with NIAB to research, test and develop bioplastics for the agricultural industry in the UK.

To find out more about Teysha Technologies and its research into tuneable biodegradable biopolymers, visit their website.

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