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A revolution in environmentally friendly bio-adhesives.

Cambond has developed a plant based resin which can be used as an industrial adhesive for construction products in wood panel industry to replace formaldehyde based resin. We have IP to cover non-added formaldehyde bioresin system to be used in making MDF, OSB, particle board and plywood. Cambond resin allows for environmentally friendly manufacture of construction products (wood panels, other materials) to be made in existing manufacturing facilities at competitive cost. In addition, Cambond resin can be combined with many types of agricultural biomass fibres or polymers to make a range of biomass composites which offer environmental and commercial advantages.

Cambond technology solves the 2 largest problems manufacturers have in looking for environmentally friendly materials for their products

Cost - alternatives to plastics are more expensive than the materials they replace.
Supply - alternatives are often available in limited supplies inhibiting large scale change.
Cambond provides a solution to these issues. Our materials are largely plant based (>50%) and so enjoy the commercial advantage of a lower cost feedstock. Biomass byproducts from agriculture are available all over the world in very large quantities.

Cambond composites can replace plastics in existing manufacturing processes which use moulding and extrusion to make a wide range of products.
Cambond composites can be manufactured and supplied to manufacturers for LESS than the cost of their current virgin plastics.
Cambond has a library of patents to cover the technology. Some of these patents ARE granted in China and the US.
Cambond is bringing its technology to market and scaling up operations. We know our technology can be used in EXISTING manufacturing processes to substitute plant/biomass feedstocks for oil feedstock and provide significant commercial and environmental benefits in manufacture.

In order to turn 'waste into taste', WASWARE Ltd was set-up to commercialise food waste based products. For example, used coffee ground based coffee cups.

In a cost competitive world our technology fits in well with the resource available in the place where produces millions of tonnes of biomass per year as by-products of agriculture (rice wheat straws, sugarcanes, HEMP, etc.). These materials have commercial cost advantages and could be used to replace wood or plastics in the manufacture of many products.

IP is a core component of Cambond's business. We have taken significant steps and expenditure to file patents and protect the company's intellectual property.

Cambond are looking for investment and business partners in the UK and Europe to grow the business in scale and commercialise the intellectual property. WE will grow a global business with manufacturing capability in major markets around the world.

Cambond would prefer to work in partnership with industrial/commercial partners to establish JV arrangements which would deliver capital and industrial/commercial expertise to the endeavour. This will speed the route to market and significantly reduce execution risk.

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