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New - Innovative AI-based label verification solution

"Consus Packhouse" is a solution built specifically for growing, packing and distribution operations - with particular emphasis on Quality Assurance & Traceability. From vegetables to soft fruit, flowers and herbs, Consus will have a solution for you and software that works around your operation.

Based in Bourne, Lincolnshire, Consus Fresh Solutions was established by Peter Taylor and Derek Thompson, who have over 30 years' experience of working within the fresh produce industry.

With up to the minute knowledge of changing markets, legislation and technology, Consus Fresh Solutions work with selected partners to ensure the Consus software continues to be the most innovative solution now and in the future.

The cloud based software allows growers to manage their packing processes, cut waste, reduce labour costs and increase profits. Embedded Traceability functionality enables growers to track a pallet from field to despatch, and from despatch back to field with full historic detail.

BRC and retailer compliance are fully automated enabling your technical team to work more efficiently and endless paper based compliance systems become obsolete.

The Time & Attendance module with built in facial recognition integrates fully with the Consus costing system enabling you to have instant access to your production costs in real time.

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